How can I pay for your products?

We accept:
1) PayPal;
2) paySera. After you choose this method, you`ll be redirected to paySera page, there you will be able to choose your country and according to it you can choose your payment method easily;
3) Bank account method. Complete your order, go to your bank and create a payment (bank account number, SWIFT code and other information you`ll get by mail), after we receive your payment, we will proceed the manufacture process.

If you have any further questions do not hesitate to ask, write for us - hello@touchecases.com

What countries do you ship to?

We ship worldwide.

How much does the shipping cost?

Shipping expenses depend on the country you live in. The price will be shown to you before submitting the purchase, during the checkout process.

How long does the shipping take?

If you live in Europe, shipping usually takes 3-10 business days. If you live across the ocean (the USA or Canada), it may take 7-18 business days for the item to reach you. Please note that the delivery time may be influenced by the busy seasons (Christmas or other holidays), so there may be a slight delay during this period of time.

How can I customize my phone case?

Every case, which we have in our assortment can be modificated according to you. 

Just choose your favorite case design, go to product review and next to the phone model, you`ll see a row, where you can find a row, where you can just write a text you want to see on your case. 

If you wanna add your own photo on the phone case, you just need to choose between these designs: https://www.touchecases.com/products/custom-phone-case and next to the product description you`ll find a place to upload your own photo. 

How to check to what phone models do you make custom phone cases?

Go to product page and next to the "ADD TO CART" button, you can find ability to choose phone model. Mostly we have cases for all newest models of Huawei, Samsung, Iphone phones.

What are your cases made of?

Our snap cases are made of hard plastic (polycarbonate).

Who designs touché cases?

Our cases are created by a our team of graphic designers that are highly passionate about latest trends in fashion and style. Cases are being manufactured and shipped in Lithuania.